HOW EXACTLY TO Use Memes WITHIN YOUR Social Media Marketing 2

HOW EXACTLY TO Use Memes WITHIN YOUR Social Media Marketing

More Cowbell, Grumpy Cat, Rebecca Black’s “Friday” Song; you’ve seen these mega popular memes of days gone by go viral all across social media. It might cause you to question ways to use popular memes to advertise your business, is it possible even? You’re in luck, it is possible but you have to do it right.

By definition, a meme is a “humorous image, video, piece of text message, etc. that is copied (often with small variations) and spread rapidly by Internet users”. While memes appear like they’re limited to making your friends laugh, they can in fact increase traffic and engagement. Not only that, but sharing memes correctly can make your business appear more socially relevant.

But be careful, if a meme improperly is shared, the joke’s on you. Here’s how to use memes in your social media. Before you begin using memes in your social media marketing, you will need to get a bit more acquainted with them. Becoming familiar with memes will help to make sure you’re using them properly and effectively.

So, spend time searching the internet for popular memes. For example, one of the very most popular memes of 2018 was the “Change My Mind” meme below. Not only was this meme popular but it was easy to use also. All you had to do was change the written text on the sign to something that’s relatable to your business and audience.

It was a good way to begin a discussion with your visitors and audience. Find memes that are popular and timely but that work for your brand also. It’s also important to understand the meme before you use it. Misusing a meme, such as going for a sarcastic line literally, can upset your audience and ruin your reputation online. Get more familiar with memes to be able to learn exactly what will work right for you.

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The most important step to using memes in your social media marketing effectively is knowing your audience. Memes are usually appreciated by youthful individuals who spend a whole great deal of time on the internet. If that’s not your target audience, posting memes on social media may not be the best option for you.

While older decades can still enjoy memes, if you talk about a meme with your audience that they don’t understand, it’ll be a flop. So, before posting a meme contemplate it from your target audience’s viewpoint. For instance, if your audience isn’t into video games or Ariana Grande, sharing a meme like the one below wouldn’t resonate with them.

Remember, memes won’t work for every business. If your brand is serious and conservative, memes won’t reflect whatever can confuse your audience. Of sending combined text messages to your audience Instead, it might be far better omit memes entirely. If you’ve considered your target audience and decided to start sharing memes on your social media platforms, remember to do so sparingly. Day will appear too forced Posting memes every single.

Going overboard with memes could even give your audience the impression that you’re trying too hard to be hip and cool. So, use memes sparingly in your social media strategy. Memes should be utilized to enhance your articles on social media, not take up your entire feed. Sharing popular memes is fantastic because they’ve already proven to be successful.