About Mica Beauty Cosmetics 2

About Mica Beauty Cosmetics

In 2011, Mica Beauty started with a eyesight to create a line of 100% all-natural makeup products with the best expectations of professional quality. We are actually an international leader in the wonderful world of makeup products shipping worldwide. Mica Beauty’s Mineral Makeup involves all-natural powders, which are made of 100% pure Mica and minerals. Mica Beauty Mineral Makeup delivers an all natural look with great coverage in only minutes.

Mica Beauty is merely the best and purest brand in its school. The 100 % natural ingredients work with the oils in your skin layer to provide flawless coverage. It really is light and free from preservatives extremely, fabric dyes, talc, natural oils and other fillers which makes it suited to all body types like the most sensitive skin. Furthermore, Mica Beauty’s Mineral Makeup has a higher antioxidant level to help protect dermis from future injury, premature ageing, and reduces the looks of damaged skin area. Mica Beauty gives the wide variety of colors and products to fulfill every customer and every flavour. Our goal is to provide the highest degree of customer satisfaction while revolutionizing the Mineral Makeup Industry. Our company is paving the way to a far more beautiful lifestyle for today’s women and men.

  • Fresh fruit and/or nuts and seeds (see essential fatty acids)
  • SUPPLE Moisture Rich Silk Cream – Full Size is 50ml/1.7 oz @ $185 – deluxe size is worth $37
  • 30 (according to Wishtrend)
  • When have you first learned Goth/ the subculture you most identify with
  • Preventive Care
  • Wash off with lukewarm mineral water
  • Gus Kahn, “Dream JUST A LITTLE Dream of Me”

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