USUALLY ARE NOT Might Buy This Carrying On Business? 2

USUALLY ARE NOT Might Buy This Carrying On Business?

Boston Scientific (NYSE: BSX) these days. With the stock in the toilet and little momentum in the business (but a lot of debt!) I am certain management is fielding quite a few “take action!” calls from our lovely and ever-so-patient friends in Hedge Fund-Land. The first rumor is that BSX is approximately to sell its neurostim business to Stryker (NYSE: SYK). I saw this rumor in Bloomberg today, and spoken with some friends on the market.

It all seems to make a good little bit of sense to us. First, BSX has bigger seafood to fry in its stent and CRM businesses, and has not really been doing all of that great against Medtronic (NYSE: MDT) or St. Jude (NYSE: STJ) in that (neurostim) market. Like so a great many other niche businesses at BSX, that one too has experienced from neglect and under-investment.

For Stryker, this might offer another business system and usage of market that has decent root development. Beyond the neurostim business, BSX is apparently looking to jettison the neurovascular business also. BSX has a very good franchise in treatments for cerebral aneurysms like embolization coils plus they have been a significant player for several years. This is interesting timing considering that Johnson & Johnson (NYSE: JNJ) lately announced a deal for Micrus Endovascular (Nasdaq: MEND) – one of BSX’s up-and-coming rivals.

What is BSX telegraphing here? May be the company saying, in effect, that only BSX’s superior marketing capabilities and long-term customer interactions were keeping them afloat and that MEND’s products in the hands of JNJ’s salesforce is too overpowering to fight? That is probably hyperbole, but it is an interesting development nonetheless. So who might buy this carrying on business?

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I would think Medtronic or St. Jude might give it a courtesy sniff, but I’d expect the likes of Cook or Bard (NYSE: BCR) to be the more reasonable candidates right now. Covidien (NYSE: COV) exists buying every other damn thing, so maybe they will too take a look.

All in all, these are interesting developments at BSX. Does this mean the business is absolutely circling the wagons and choosing to concentrate on major product categories like stents and CRM? Or is this only a process of cleaning out a few under-performing (but still marketable) businesses in which a recovery is improbable?

I am not sure yet, but I would keep a close vision on if they jettison the IVUS business too. A sales of this business to a motivated buyer (like, say, GE (NYSE: GE) or Siemens (NYSE: SI)) would be bad news for Volcano (Nasdaq: VOLC). Volcano has great technology (the best, actually) and products, however they have obviously also benefited from BSX’s unwillingness to aid and develop the business any further. A sale to a new rival, then, will be a clear threat. By the end of everything, though, I would not be considered a buyer of BSX still. But, I am type of familiar with not liking BSX, therefore i do not pretend to be unbiased.

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