"The Makeup And USAGE OF University Student Unions 2

“The Makeup And USAGE OF University Student Unions

I conducted this research to be able to regulate how the University of Kentucky Student Center is utilized by the campus and exactly how, if, it might improve to better help the learner body and campus. Survey data were collected through the summer of 2009 from student unions at twenty-four universities in another of three categories: schools from the Southeastern Conference (SEC), universities in the state of Kentucky, and the University of Kentucky benchmark institutions.

A series of lab tests were conducted to regulate how the University of Kentucky Student Center comes even close to the other observations, particularly the benchmark unions. The major questions I address will be the following: – What are the purposes and functions of university student unions and exactly how are they employed by their campus communities? How does the University of Kentucky Student Center compare to others in the regions of facility makeup and building utilization by campus groups? Any kind of underlying habits (building makeup, learner body size, etc.) among groups of student unions if so, are they purposeful to the University of Kentucky Student Center?

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In general, I realize that the University of Kentucky Student Center does display screen several dissimilarities from its standard unions. A number of the major conclusions include: – THE UNITED KINGDOM Student Center has more meeting rooms set alongside the overall average; however, those areas are used less. THE UNITED KINGDOM Student Center is mainly financed by scholar fees whereas its benchmarks are funded chiefly through center operations. UK benchmark unions have more square footage, higher total annual building traffic, plus much more annual reservations, when accounting for the main difference in enrollment numbers even. A larger percentage of the united kingdom Student Center’s annual reservations are contributed by faculty/staff/departmental groups as the average union houses more student group reservations.

Based on the conclusions, I make the following suggestions: – An exploration of renovation or rebuild should be done to determine whether or not the existing capability is satisfactory to help recruit better students and wthhold the current learner body. The University of Kentucky should seek ways to increase the consumption of Student Center space considering getting together with space vs. The UK Student Center should give attention to increasing gross annual reservations by college student groups.

The UK Student Center should raise the amount of gross annual building traffic. The results of the research should be able to assist in identifying the relationship of the University of Kentucky Student Center to its benchmarks. This, in turn, should help the University of Kentucky get one step nearer to its goal of becoming a high 20 research organization.

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